Britische Antikriegsbewegung mobilisiert gegen Treffen in Wales, bei dem „die Nato ihren Krieg gegen die Welt plant“ Gegenkonferenz mit Teilnehmern aus Russland, den USA, England und Irland und Demonstrationen!


National Protests at Nato Summit: No New Wars – No to Nato

Stop the War Coalition 30 August 2014. Posted in Anti-war Events

No to Nato
No to Nato

Saturday 30 August: Mass demonstration

March through central Newport. Assembles 1pm at the Civic Centre Car Park and marches around the town centre ending at Westgate Square for a rally.


Sunday 31 August: Counter Summit in Cardiff

County Hall, CF10 4UW View on map
Speakers include:

No to Nato speakers

Boris Kagarlitsky RussiaJoseph Gerson USAMedea Benjamin Code Pink USAMargaretta D’Arcy IrelandJeremy Corbyn MPLindsey German Stop the War Coalition.

Monday 1 September: Newport Alternative Summit

Pill Mill 10.00 – 5pm.
Topics: Drones • Women and War • Iraq • Afghanistan • Ukraine • Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty

Tuesday 2 September and Wednesday 3 September

Various local events

Thursday 4 September: First day of NATO Summit

Mass Action and March on the Celtic Manor
Gather at 12 Noon • Cenotaph • Clarence Place • Newport NP11 6DG

Friday 5 September

Final day of Summit. Direct Actions. Street Theatre.

No to Nato – No New Wars

Wales could see its biggest protests in a generation as 60 world leaders meet at the Celtic Manor in Newport for the NATO summit on 4-5 September to plan their war on the world.

Previous summits in Chicago and Strasbourg saw thousands protest war, austerity and global inequality. From 30 August people will flock to South Wales for international actions including a weekend march and Counter Summit, week-long peace camp, and protests on the summit’s opening day.NATO expansion has created a dangerous crisis in Ukraine which threatens a regional war.

NATO’s nuclear armed alliance binds Europe to US foreign policy, a foreign policy post-Iraq increasingly unpopular around the world. It is also the military alliance currently occupying Afghanistan.

War is the enemy of the poor. At this year’s summit the US will be pressuring Western powers to increase their already huge military budgets at a time when poverty and inequality are soaring.The world’s 85 richest people have as much as poorest 3.5 billion. Money into war is money out of our communities.

In the UK, 500,000 people had to resort to food banks last year. None of the cuts would be necessary if the sums Britain spends on its military and armaments were invested in social need instead of the war machine.

This autumn the powerful will make their voices heard at the NATO summit. We must make sure that the voice of the millions around the world who need peace and justice is also heard.

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